Agile Development

Integrating innovative design thinking with agile development,
we craft solutions that lead you to success

For us, each client is special, and every business is unique. Unlike the rest, we do not implement a one size fits all solutions for all of our clients. The agile development specialists we have on board try and test a number of approaches and find the one best path that circumscribes your needs and pushes you into the projectile of success.

What is Agile Development?

AGILE DEVELOPMENT – a highly contemporary and streamlined approach to development that involves an on-going cycle of planning, testing, and integration of a program and optimizing it along the way. What places agile a notch above the conventional waterfall approach is that it is highly flexible, adaptable, and all processes involved are geared towards a common objective.

The Unicorn Approach to Agile Development

At Unicorn, we like to take our own route to agile development. We create a competitive, collaborative, and thriving co-space, where we work together to build, inspire, and innovate.

A collaborative space is built that allows you to work alongside with our team, to build and innovate.

Why go Agile?

  • To optimize processes and increase efficiency
  • To prioritize requirements based on risk assessment
  • To streamline tasks, and accelerate processes, thereby minimizing the time consumed, from coding to test completion
  • Agile Development is the way forward!
Agile Development

Here’s what makes us different

At Unicorn, we are fixated on change – to veer off from the set trends. We are a team of professional, the doers, the innovators, and the go-getters. We believe that a great visual design sure catches the interest, but it is the experience that converts your leads into customers. This is the Unicorn Advantage that leads your business to reach new heights. We pride ourselves on our unparalleled prowess, and a team of the best brains of the industry and have been helping businesses to elevate to the utmost level of profitability and brand awareness.